Myd - Octomix


A 30 minutes mix by Myd to celebrate the release of his Octodip EP on Marble. Enjoy!

Myd - Octomix by Marble Music

Tracklist : 

Myd - Octodip 
Femme En Fourrure - Bronco (Teeth Remix) 
Addison Groove - Minutes Of Funk 
Paraone & Teki Latex - Deep Sea Creatures 
Julio Bashmore - Ribble To Amazon 
Lil’ Silva - Cheese And Bun 
Myd - Javier 
Rebotini - All You Need Is Techno (Gesaffelstein Remix) 
Slap In The Bass - Egypt (Myd Edit) 
Slice & Soda - Year Of The Dragon (L-Vis 1990 Remix) 
Les Gilettes - Carl Lewis (Myd Remix) 
Two Door Cinema Club - Come Back Home (Myd Remix) 
High Powered Boys - Girly 
Swick - Be Stupid (Myd Remix) 
Canblaster - 3rd Ring 
Myd - Victoria 
Canblaster - Stoned Totem



Myd - Octodip EP (MRBL004) 

Hailing from Northern France, Myd is a young dance producer from the Club Cheval crew. He previously released tracks on Sound Pellegrino and produced a dozen remixes. He’s also a film school student at la FEMIS in Paris. He and his Club Cheval have been known for their digital, blasting tropical sound, infused with a nerdy blend of over-the-top-ness that can be puzzling at first, but quickly transforms you into a joyful, bouncing creature. 
And kinetics is the key here. « Javier » has the Club Cheval trademark non-linear structure : things just happen at almost every second here, but they never make you lose the plot : a dramatic vocal cut-up and an almost 4/4  heavy beat reminiscent of dubstep’s recent explorations in techno lead the way, filled with tiny cartoonish details and hyperreal sound textures. The bass comes in, sweetening the whole thing, but also making the atmosphere emotionally confused and ambivalent. The male talk-box voice then makes us understand we’re actually almost listening to an R&B song, an enigmatic slow jam. A bedroom classic, if you like to get down a certain way. 
Things then get a little tougher with Octodip, a double-time big bass riddim, loaded with washes of drama strings and vocal cut-ups of a less human kid than « Javier »’s. It all works as an eerie rhythm unit no one remembers having started or set up. The thing is clipped and fractured, but strangely deploys a ecstatic groove at the same time. There’s something totally serene and majestic about it, yet the angst is still lingering. One of those “new species” kind of tracks, like “Wut” by Girl Unit, or our own Marble Players’ “Marble Anthem”
Victoria is a UK funky number, and in the Marble and Club Cheval tradition, it shows how UK-centered idioms can sometimes get even better when put into foreign hands. The beat lies on vicious bass, stabs of mind-blowing, digitropical synths, and carnival FX. It has a sort of verse/chord/verse structure this time, but no one’s singing – except the snares breaking up and down. The climate is futuristic in a neo-Tokyo, arcade game vibe, the sort of feeling you get when you start believing in technology as the only way to a better world. Anyway, this is the most straight-forward, club-ready track of this EP. Infectious and unmissable. 

Illustration by Benbo George 
Identity by Museum Studio 
Mastered by Precise.

(MRBL004) Myd - Octodip by Marble Music



High Powered Boys (Bobmo & Surkin) - Girly / Crash - (MRBL003)

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Surkin and Bobmo are originally from Southern France, respectively Avignon  and Bordeaux, and they were still living there when they decided to launch their duo project High Powered Boys about 5 or 6 years ago. They both followed successful solo careers, spinning all over the world, in underground Japanese clubs as well as huge Euro festivals, and have been mostly releasing their material on Institubes so far, and dozens of remixes over the years. Oh and a Surkin LP is to be released on Marble this fall.

The boys have been settled in Paris for some years now and still pursue their collaboration, as shown on recent Sound Pellegrino release « Udon / Work », and right now on the third Marble installment, called « Girly / Crash ». Pushing further the riddim-based freakish bipolarity of « Udon », those two tracks are sure gonna cause mayhem on dancefloors, but in an alien, psychoactive way.

« Girly » is a juke-influenced beat led by insane bleepy hi-toms and a start-stop groove that claps and shakes like nothing else before except that lady with the Louise Brooks haircut in the video for Sean Paul’s Get Busy. Synthhorns breaks and digi-whistles make this monster track even more vicious and angular-grooved, yet totally overwhelming. This is mental body music at its best, straightly aimed towards the future but not really making a whole thing about it – this is actually pretty sparse, minimalistic music. This is not even recommended : this is necessary listening.

« Crash » begins with E’d-up, old school UK style bleepy melody and washes, plus some equally hazy-eyed vocal bits, then breaks into a rushing, stiff Funky riddim without all the flowing, easy vibe usually heard within the genre – instead, this is kevlar-plated bass stabs and psychic-ward arpeggios all around, both giving the tune a strong dystopian flavour. Then it goes back to the defunct utopia, but then goes back again to the dark side, setting a mechanically hypersyncopated feeling to the beat. Distinct bipolarity here, most definitely.

(MRBL003) High Powered Boys - Girly / Crash by Marble Music

Annie Mac 5/5 : “Sublime. Love this”

Boys Noize 5/5 : “Girly is a bomb”

Drop The Lime 5/5 : ” Girly is BULLET IN A CLUB GUN!”

Bok Bok 4/5 : “This is totally crazy, i’m definitely on this Girly track”

Teki Latex 5/5 : “A blacker and fatter Errorsmith yet still white and skinny”

Crookers 5/5 : “Both tracks are amazing”

Trevor Jackson 5/5 : “Totally retarded, and dumb as fuck but for some strange reason i like it?!…

Illustration by Jonathan Zawada :

Identity by Museum studio :

Text by Etienne Menu.



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In case you didn’t know, Para One and Teki Latex have been working together for ten years, and they’ve always been sharing common music obsessions. They’re both very passionate and detail-conscious when it comes to making music and talking about it. This EP, Marble’s second installment, is the result of their latest collaboration, synthesizing the kind of stuff they’re into at the very moment. Teki is not rapping in French, he’s speaking in English instead, his voice often processed. And Para explores production styles he might not be exploring on a solo mission. 

« Deep Sea Creatures » starts by showing heavy respect for the classic Drexciya/Other People Place sound of the late 90s and early 00s : a dry, pedestrian beat complete with sinuous yet inflexible bassline and keys. A fine-tuned, self-sufficient aural world, in which Teki emits automatic thinking-based lyrics – images and sub-slogans matching the track’s robotic nature. Then things get twisted up : some warm melancholic light breaks in, half-timing the whole structure and decomposing its techno-pop proficiency. Loose-limbed and emotional, fizzing with micro accidents and tiny bits of harmonies, it has the patina of softcore electronica but the pace of a club hit, before shifting into a romantic breakdown. The main beat then steps back, looping the same cold serenity. A clean, mysterious electro hit. 

« 5th Dimension » is a more hectic, tense affair. Based on a grime beat and dramatic keys, it features Teki’s vocoderized voice announcing obscure psychological commandments, coated in claustrated, pressurized sound. As in « Deep Sea Creatures », the middle part is a free zone, conjuring melodic ghosts and taking risky rythmic turns. And you even have an eerie 4/4, obsessive moment, with a vocal cut-up reminiscent of « Work Them ». This is both macho and unsecure, pneumatic and deflated. Parisian grime with a introspective, post-human touch.

(MRBL002) Para One & Teki Latex - 5th Dimension by Marble Music

Teki Latex - Missing Links mixtape


Our second release is dropping in less than a week and Teki did a special mix to celebrate :

This mixtape is a round up of my recent collaborations and remixes organized around a little exercise: each track of mine is mixed in and out of tracks that have somehow influenced said Teki track. My taste in electronic music covers quite a wide spectrum and the tracks i co-produce and/or chose to put some vocals over are sometimes going in different, some might think opposite directions. With this mix i was trying to explain the weird logic behind it all, to show why it all makes perfect sense to me by highlighting the missing links between my works. I also wanted to demonstrate how my tracks and the directions i choose to take in my music are (humbly) made to be interpreted as “missing links” between these classic tracks I love. As usual with most of my solo mixes this was mixed completely live with my CDJs in the mighty computer room, so please excuse the occasional “ruggedness” of it: this is how i like it, and i hope you will enjoy it too. Make sure you grab a copy of our 5th Dimension EP when it drops May 2nd on Marble! - Teki Latex

Teki Latex - Missing Links Mixtape by Marble Music

Here is the tracklist, and don’t forget to pre-order Para One & Teki Latex - 5th Dimension on iTunes :

Akufen - Deck the house 
Noob - Powder (Para One & Teki Latex remix) 
Soul Clap - Lonely C (feat. Charles Levine) 
LOL Boys & Teki Latex - Modern 
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Stock Exchange 
Para One & Teki Latex - Deep Sea Creatures 
Arpanet - Illuminated Displays 
Para One & Teki Latex - 5th dimension 
Robert Hood - Clash 
Myrryrs - Feel U (Teki Latex & Bambounou remix) 
Ramadanman - Work Dem 
Canblaster - Time Master (Para One & Teki Latex remix) 
Jam city - Magic Drops 
Funkin matt Feat. Teki Latex - Get Loose (Canblaster remix)

Coming soon!

Coming soon!



MRBL001 : Marble Players (Para One, Surkin & Bobmo) - Marble Anthem

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As you probably heard recently, Marble is a new dance label launched by Para OneSurkin and Bobmo. We already told you these three have began sharing recording space less than a year ago, and soon spent some time jamming and producing together. Surkin and Bobmo already had their High Powered Boys project, but this new unit, christened Marble Players, is a bit more hardware-oriented, and involves multiple analog/digital mutations ; a typical day in the studio would be Bobmo coming up with a vocal digital sample, then Para replaying it on his SP12, then giving it back to Surkin so he can add his own Reason-based beats – you get the picture. Generally, there’s a just a strong taste for manipulating sound as a physical thing in the way Marble Players play.

So here’s the Marble Anthem EP by Marble Players, Marble’s first release, made of two tracks, both featuring proper marble sounds.

Marble Anthem" is a martial, marble-based riddim thing, reminding Swizz Beatz "It’s Me Bitches" classic hit, as well as Neptunes ghost-membered grooves like "Grindin" or "Mr Me Too", but also another marble-heavy track, Aphex Twin’s "Bucephalus Bouncing Balls". Starting with nastified soul cut-up vocals, it features a monster slo-mo morse code riff, like a UK hardcore spectre, hiding or shape-shifting as the track goes on, floating and bouncing on a bodily, highly pressurized groove. This could well be big room house music if Ibiza was relocated in Rotterdam – or maybe Kinshasa ? But what it definitely is, is the Parisian, vicious, avant-garde version of big room house : no predictable breakdowns and uselessly dramatic chords, just unaltered dancefloor mayhem. This is not feminine, joyful material, let’s be honest, but the darkness and the grayness have something eerily sensuous. And even though it might be weirder than the boys’ previous stuff, it’s also really straight and "that’s just how we do"-spirited.

Playground” rides a slightly more classic, 4-4 field, even if it keeps working this whole idea of “mainroom house gone wrong”. Based on a blunt, percolating drum track and an idiotically irresistible bassline, it’s constantly disturbed by marble sounds and ear-piercing hi-hats infiltrating the groove and making it all the more loveable and full of tiny, crisp syncopations. Simple, proficient, tasty and rich with palatable matter – no matter what the people say, these sounds lead the way.

Already supported by : DJ Mehdi, Brodinski, Busy P, Sinden, Boys Noize, A-Trak, L-vis 1990, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Mr Oizo, Club Cheval, Strip Steve, Gesaffelstein, Djedjotronic, Noob, Feadz, Das Glow, Moonbootica, Drop The Lime, AC Slater, Bart B More, Style of Eye, Harvard Bass, Larry Tee, Jess & Crabbe, Boris Dlugosch, Andy George & Jaymo and many more.

(MRBL001) Marble Players (Para One, Surkin & Bobmo) - Marble Anthem by Marble Music

Introducing Marble

As announced today, Institubes is no longer. And you know what ? Don’t be sad : Surkin, Para One and Bobmo are now launching a new label called Marble

The set is Paris’ eleventh arrondissement, rue de la Folie Méricourt to be precise. A one-way street where sweaty Chinese wholesalers are continously loading and unloading clothes from their unparked vans, and where, in their recording studios, our three beloved producers churn out feverish dance tracks. Para One’s space is hot as fuck, and even if it’s cooler in Surkin’s and Bobmo’s, the heat is steadily coming from the monitoring speakers. Cigarettes are smoked and stubbed out in beer bottle caps, but don’t worry, these boys are pretty healthy and their cafeine-fuelled brains are perfectly working. Friends like Teki Latex, Club Cheval, Feadz or Jackson pass by, tricks and machines are swapped, and how about you doing a vocal for me buddy, or me remixing your latest track while waiting for my manager to come down for lunch, and also go check this new killer juke – or funky or ballroom or logobi – track by this guy I’d never heard of before. Marble won’t release music just by Para One, Surkin and Bobmo : quite a few other French producers are already working on upcoming stuff. That’s how things go, down there : an easy, friendly atmosphere with a hard-working spirit. The pleasure of making a good idea even better than you thought it could’ve been. 

So musically this Marble shit isn’t just about a new specific subgenre or whatever, it’s more about meeting people and ideas, trying new stuff, maybe choosing more risky, extreme paths than before. This is about creating fresh ways to talk to bodies and emotions. Blending the rough and the tender, the repetitive and the crashing. Melting concrete with muslin, dirt with plexiglas. Defining a we-don’t-give-a-fuck-minded, cool maniac attitude to track making, and putting in the same musical capsule familiar, comforting feelings with unknown, estranged vibes. Never ignoring the complexity of life and music, but trying to make it also fun, attractive, exhilarating. Or maybe it’d be more correct to say Para, Surk and Bob want their new label to release brand new, eclectic yet idiosyncratic tracks that they’d love to play in a rammed club in Paris, L.A. or Tokyo. The first releases will include intricate space ballads, kevlar-plated riddims, sick percolating house, avant party breaks, emo-funky, Parisian ‘ardkore, and others things that might need new words to be described.

Anyway, just check this Soundcloud teaser, complete with bits of the soon-to-come Marble releases from Marble Players, Para One & Teki Latex, High Powered BoysMydDas Glow, Canblaster, and lose yourself in the many Marble loops and zones. Welcome to the (two-thousand and) eleven-th.

Introducing Marble by Marble Music

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