High Powered Boys (Bobmo & Surkin) - Girly / Crash - (MRBL003)

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Surkin and Bobmo are originally from Southern France, respectively Avignon  and Bordeaux, and they were still living there when they decided to launch their duo project High Powered Boys about 5 or 6 years ago. They both followed successful solo careers, spinning all over the world, in underground Japanese clubs as well as huge Euro festivals, and have been mostly releasing their material on Institubes so far, and dozens of remixes over the years. Oh and a Surkin LP is to be released on Marble this fall.

The boys have been settled in Paris for some years now and still pursue their collaboration, as shown on recent Sound Pellegrino release « Udon / Work », and right now on the third Marble installment, called « Girly / Crash ». Pushing further the riddim-based freakish bipolarity of « Udon », those two tracks are sure gonna cause mayhem on dancefloors, but in an alien, psychoactive way.

« Girly » is a juke-influenced beat led by insane bleepy hi-toms and a start-stop groove that claps and shakes like nothing else before except that lady with the Louise Brooks haircut in the video for Sean Paul’s Get Busy. Synthhorns breaks and digi-whistles make this monster track even more vicious and angular-grooved, yet totally overwhelming. This is mental body music at its best, straightly aimed towards the future but not really making a whole thing about it – this is actually pretty sparse, minimalistic music. This is not even recommended : this is necessary listening.

« Crash » begins with E’d-up, old school UK style bleepy melody and washes, plus some equally hazy-eyed vocal bits, then breaks into a rushing, stiff Funky riddim without all the flowing, easy vibe usually heard within the genre – instead, this is kevlar-plated bass stabs and psychic-ward arpeggios all around, both giving the tune a strong dystopian flavour. Then it goes back to the defunct utopia, but then goes back again to the dark side, setting a mechanically hypersyncopated feeling to the beat. Distinct bipolarity here, most definitely.

(MRBL003) High Powered Boys - Girly / Crash by Marble Music

Annie Mac 5/5 : “Sublime. Love this”

Boys Noize 5/5 : “Girly is a bomb”

Drop The Lime 5/5 : ” Girly is BULLET IN A CLUB GUN!”

Bok Bok 4/5 : “This is totally crazy, i’m definitely on this Girly track”

Teki Latex 5/5 : “A blacker and fatter Errorsmith yet still white and skinny”

Crookers 5/5 : “Both tracks are amazing”

Trevor Jackson 5/5 : “Totally retarded, and dumb as fuck but for some strange reason i like it?!…

Illustration by Jonathan Zawada :

Identity by Museum studio :

Text by Etienne Menu.

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